Monday, September 24, 2012

Scrappy is done

In order to get these photos I  had to convince my husband that bringing a quilt on a hike was totally normal. I didn't actually take it on the hike. It is too heavy for that. This is right outside the parking lot.

Scrappysaurus rex 
Scrappysaurus rex on a fence.
Final stats:
approx 80 x 100 inches
Inspired by this photo.
732 3" squares from my scrap bin
Kona white for the X's
vintage sheet for the back
machine quilted by me on my dinky machine (it can be done!)

You can follow the progress of this quilt through these links:
Arkansas crossroad blocks
Piecing the blocks

S. rex close up 
Close up of quilting. I echoed the X block.

close up of diamond boarder on S. rex 
Close up of the diamond border and scrappy binding.

S. rex. ready for a picnic 
I love how crinkled it looks here. Just as good outside as it will look in our guest bedroom. 

close up of S. rex. 
I love stripped bindings so this one HAD to be a scrappy stripey.

back of S. rex is a vintage sheet. 
The back is a vintage sheet with soft little flowers on it.

Remember I made this pillow using all of the leftover HSTs from the crossroad blocks? Well, I forgot to show these pics. I am so proud of this pillow, I just had to show them here.

Scrappy HSTs pillow 
HST pillow top

Scrappy HSTs butt 
HST pillow butt. If the fabric on the back is the "back" then the backside of the front must be the butt, you follow? In my opinion, we don't get to see the quilt butts often enough. So what are you hiding? I know if your butt is anything like mine sometimes it is uuuuugly. But this one is purdy.

close up of seams

I have already started to feel the itch to make another scraptastic quilt. I hope you have a happy scrappy day.

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  1. I love this Marla! Fantastically scrappy.

    And your butt is cute. My butt rarely looks that good.

  2. This is beautiful! Such a happy quilt and it is perfect in this setting! Great job on the pillow "butt" too! LOL

  3. Gorgeous!! I want to make that quilt. Do you mind if I pin it?

  4. That quilt butt is nice! I love seeing all the seams on the back of a top, to me that's where you can really see all the work. Your scrappy quilt looks great! And 3 in squares! Holy cow, that's a lot of squares.

  5. I love scrappy patchwork quilts! they are my favorite and yours is beautiful! I love the vintage tiny flower backing.

  6. I too love scrappy quilts and really enjoyed seeing yours!

  7. Do you know, I MUST have had your pillow top in my brain when I did mine. Though I didn't realize it or I'd have given you credit!! So, thank you! :) i think I'm planning a quilt version of the same thing for a Christmas present. You have a much more extensive stash than I do so your colors are a little better fleshed out. Maybe I should try the measured version, like yours, next, and you do the wonky.