Thursday, September 27, 2012

Philisophical Pfridays - A joke

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Sew Hungry 

">Friends who craft or quilt are the best. Observe a typical g-chat conversation between Crafternoon Delighter, K and myself.</

K: also. i need to go to joann. in time for the weekend crafting. do you need anything? i think i may go friday morning
me: no thanks i am good   K: ok bueno. i need zippers and fabs and interfacing Kfat mouthed pouch   me: who you calling a fat mouthed pouch!K: hahahahaha

We both just about peed our pants after this. I relayed this conversation to my hubby and he did not think it was funny at all. Either way, K and I will be crafting this weekend and eating greek food. Obviously we will be making some wide mouth pouches from that tutorial writing fiend noodlehead, (aka Anne). So do you have any good crafty humor to share?

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