Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Scrappysaurus quilt top is done

First a few pics of the top:
oh so scraptacular
Good thing hubby is on call tonight, his spot in the driveway is taken!

Car for scale (not for sale)
The stats:
Approximately 80" x 100" ish.
448 3" squares in the 16 x 16 square blocks.
224 more 3" squares in the Arkansas crossroad blocks.

The border needed an additional 60 so... my scrap pile looks a bit smaller. That's a total of 732 scrappy squares folks!

I really don't like to waste fabric so when I cut my crossroad blocks I sewed another line of stitches 1/2" from the first one to make a HST instead of throwing away the triangle scraps.

Do you want to see what 284 tiny HSTs looks like???
Maybe If I leave them on the ironing board a little gnome (gnoma?) will press them for me. Also I am taking suggestions on what to actually do with them.

What I especially love about this type of quilt is that it is a catalog of all of the projects I have done the last two years. There are some really special fabrics are in this quilt. Here are a few:
The little polo patch is actually from my hubby's favorite shirt that he wore until it disintegrated.
Math and DNA fabric for the nerd in us all
Sweet vintage lamb kisses
Soon Rex will be at home on my guest room bed.
Next I will be basting and quilting this sucker. I am not scared this time because I managed to quilt a queen sized quilt (nicknamed my moms big F'in quilt (BFQ)) before on my dinky machine. Which reminds me that I still need to take pictures of the BFQ to show to you all. My mom will get the quilt in October when I fly home.

Also I'd like to introduce you to Orbson Wells. He has taken up residence in my grape tomato plants. I know he eats nasty bugs so I am happy to have him around, but I don't think I will be picking tomatoes any time soon.
Orb spider guards the tomato


  1. This is awesome, but dang it's huge! Good luck with the quilting!

  2. The picture under the stats, how did you made the block on the left?

    1. It is a 4x4 grid of 3" squares. I pieced pairs of 3" squares, then pieced them into 4-patches and then sewed 4 of the 4-patches together.