Friday, September 28, 2012

Tales from Earth and Sea

My roller rink quilt, official name Tales from Earth and Sea, is complete! This one was a mad dash to the finish line so I could link it up with craft buds linky party for craft book projects. The deadline is Sept 30 if you are interested in playing along (and having a chance at faaabulous prizes). I was planning on making this quilt anyway so the timing was perfect.

Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

The quilt is an Elizabeth Hartman (EH) design from her book modern patchwork. Fantastic book BTW, the instructions are very clear. The plan is for me to slowly make all the quilts in the book a la Julie/Julia. EH just remade the roller rink for a baby quilt. I heart that quilt hard core. Anyway back to mine...

The rectangular blocks had a gradation of values from light-dark-light or dark-light-dark. She used a red color palette. I decided to mix it up and have three different colorways. Blue, green, and blue-green. I also had a combination of solids only and pattern only blocks. Therefore I ended up with 6 different block types. I sashed the dark-light-dark with kona bone and the light-dark-light with espresso like EH suggested in the book.

Tales of Earth and Sea
The name, Tales from Earth and Sea came from the studio Ghibli film Tales from EarthSea. Not their best movie but I like the name. The cool blues and greens with cream and brown really reminded me of the earth and sea.

When planning the layout I decided the whole quilt could be a study in values as well, going from green to blue. I'd like to say I planned it that way all along.

Tales of Earth and Sea
values within values - maybe I should have called it the inception quilt?

Here is a close-up of the blocks and the strip binding. I decided to go with one of the blue-green fabrics I used in the top.
quilt on a fence

I quilted in the cream sashing only using loops. I didn't want to disrupt the pattern and I didn't want dark colored thread showing up on the back.
close up of quilting
How did this dog fur get here? I just took it out of the dryer. Seriously. Please ignore.

Here's a peak of the back of the quilt. It is a gray/green geometric print from a sheet set I bought on sale at Ross. I chose not to do a pieced back because the front was already so busy.
a peek at the geometric print for the back
I think it looks good with mr. stripy binding, don't you?

Here is another close-up. I love the vintage airplane fabric mucho mucho.
a little bit o' green stripe binding

Mmm quilt burrito:
mmm quilt roll-up

Also linking up to TGIFF and From the blue chair's end of the hallway for September. Happy Friday peeps!


  1. Lovely quilt, just the colors I like!

  2. The colour gradation is beautiful! What a great quilt - nicely done!

  3. Just beautiful! I love your choice of green, aqua, blue. So soothing!

  4. It's so pretty! the thumbnail really popped out to me!

  5. Gorgeous quilt! The colours are just beautiful! Perfect stripy binding :)

  6. That is one seriously unique and wonderful quilt. I will have to look up that book.

  7. It's a beaut! I just got this book and this is the one I think I'll try first.

  8. Wow, striking colour scheme! Love how you adapted the pattern and the final result is gorgeous!!!

  9. This is a great quilt! I love the colors.

  10. Lovely!!!!
    I love the binding, too.

  11. Love your take on this quilt. It was one of my favorites from the book!