Friday, August 17, 2012

Zakka Style SAL: Week 20 - Diamond Pocket Pillowcase

Zakka Style Sew Along

I have been participating in the Zakka Style sew along hosted by Lindsey at LRstitched and Sukie. The book is a great way for me to learn a lot of new techniques. This week I tackled diamonds:

Diamond pocket

Wow. most of my points matched up. That was surprising! I highly recommend using the tips from Freshly Pieced to cut the diamonds. I have very little patience cutting things out using a template. 

The instructions were pretty good this week and here is my finished pillow case:

 ...wait it is not complete without a derpy alien.

Yeah, I wasn't feeling the bear - plus I had a lot of green fleecy fabric lying around.
So...the only problem with this pillow is - i hate it. My construction was off because the hem was larger than the body of the case but besides that I think that it is just too small to really be functional. I think even kids deserve big pillows. I love the fabrics I chose and the diamond design a lot. so after much unpicking later

I turned the pillow into...
A Bag!
The bag is once again based on the lined drawstring bag tutorial from In Color Order. A seriously addicting bag to make! 

Look how cute Derpy is in the pocket. I also think the diamonds are highlighted better in the center of a bag then on the hem of a pillow.

Linking this up with LRstitched. Here's hoping I win the prize this week!


  1. I love this as a bag instead of a pillow! Very clever.

  2. So we had the same problem with this! Great idea to turn it into a bag and I love your alien!

  3. What a great idea, to make the project suit you! Love the little alien fellow. So sweet with his arms hanging out.

  4. DERPA DERPA DERPA DERP. So glad you went with alien! Is the crayon roll up inside?

  5. Wow that was awesome what you did there! I'm glad not liking how it turned out for you didn't keep you from making it work!