Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday - WIPped by HSTs

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This week I tackled all those HSTs leftover from the Arkansas crossroad blocks in my Scrapasaurus Rex quilt.
284 HSTs freshly pressed

Trimmed to 2 inches and sorted by color

My poor rotary cutter next to scrap mountain.

These will be used to recover this sad, sad pillow. And horrors, I have another one just like it. I swear it didn't look so sad when I bought it.

Cypress and Leuko fight over who hates the pillow more.

Here is the layout andI already started to piece it because it will not last long in this state on the table.

In other WIP news...
1. I still need to quilt the simpatico monsterz baby blanket

2. I started to cut the fabric for a quilt for a friend's wedding
3. I am writing up another block tutorial

I leave you with the tiniest HST in the world. Maybe the borrowers can use it for a ultramini quilt?


  1. I love the colors for your new pillow cover. Beautiful!

  2. Your HST cushion cover is going to look the goods. Long live the HST!

  3. HST pattern kicks ass!!! I think Cypress's hate is more because she has known the pillow longer - therefore by length/volume of time she wins.

  4. The HST quilt is awesome! They are like my new favorite thing in quilting :) And the sympatico quilt is beautiful too!

  5. I love the off centre layout of the HST, and the baby blanket is beautiful! Lets see you try something with that little tiny HST!!

  6. I agree with Flo - love that layout! That's going to look fantastic when it's finished!

  7. I can't even wrap my brain around trimming up all those half square triangles! That has to be my most dreaded job in the world. Your cushion cover is going to be great when your finished though.

  8. I love the HST project! Trimming them is the worst.

  9. Can't wait for the block tutorial - it's awesome! And your teeny HST is adorable.

  10. Wow!! that is one pile of HSTs the quilt layout....I have to do one of those!! Thanks for commenting on the Intertwined is easier than it looks....

  11. I love your HST pattern! And your monsterz baby quilt is pretty much awesome :)

  12. Sad pillows will be happy with these new covers! Wonderful way to upscale!