Friday, August 31, 2012

Philisophical Pfridays

I thought I would take a moment this Friday to talk about quilt layouts. Specifically about changing your layout once you already planned it. 

Original (pretty traditional) layout:

I sewed all the blocks into rows and then started sewing the rows together. After pressing I decided to play around with a few alternative layouts. 

This one is pathway-ish

I really like where this one was headed. Lots of small focal points with radiating zig-zags

In the end I decided to go with the original design, but it was liberating and a lot of fun to play around with the strips. I now have lots of ideas of what to do next with HSTs. I think sometimes I put so much effort into the planning and cutting of the quilt subunits that when it comes time to put it all together I just go ahead without playing around first.

How about you, do you...
plan a layout and stick to it?
start with a layout and then modify throughout?
just improvise?

Also, I'm curious, what would you have done with these blocks stuck with the traditional design or gone wild?


  1. Oh, I love option 3! I'll be honest, if I had the first design all laid out, I would've started sewing immediately! But clearly it was worth the extra effort.

  2. It totally depends for me! Sometimes I plan it all out totally carefully, and other times I wing it. I really love option 3, but the pillow looks fantastic as option 1. Seriously, I want to steal it. I don't want to MAKE it because I kinda HSTed myself out recently. hahaha

    Gorgeous stuff!