Sunday, August 5, 2012

I have arrived

Hello Blogosphere. I decided to start up a blog to track my sewing and quilting progress and connect with other quilters.

Goals for 2012:
Start a blog (done! now let's hope I keep it up)
Donate a quilt to charity (donated 2 to Quilt for Kids)
Join a bee (Nubees a monthly quilt block shop)
Write a tutorial (coming soon)

What I am working on now:
Zakka sew along hosted by LRstitched
Scrap quilt inspired by this quilt and others like it
Two pillow tops
Eggplant and mustard lap quilt (blocks from Nubees)
I am pretty good at finishing projects so I don't have too many WIPs

What I plan to start:
Redo living room pillows
A quilt from Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman
And more!

I made a few things this weekend. Here is my Provencal Chickens bread basket from week 18 of the Zakka SAL.

My first drawstring bag. My husband asked for a bag to store the tiles for the game Carcassonne (we are nerdy board gamers like that). I thought it was a great idea and I used the lined drawstring bag tutorial from In Color Order using the modifications from bon bon atelier.

So, if anyone is reading this thanks!

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