Sunday, August 26, 2012

August Blocks Received

I entered my first bee this August. NuBees was a great option because you commit on a monthly basis. I asked for eggplant purple and mustard yellow. I don't have much purple fabric on hand even though it is my favorite clothing color. I am like the purple power ranger over here. It's not as bad as Marie on Breaking Bad if you watch that, but close (Also you should watch Breaking Bad, it's streaming on Netflix). Oh right the blocks...

August NuBee blocks

I made one for myself so I could try out my honeycomb tutorial. And me and K over at Crafternoon Delight  are going to continue make extras to swap with each other even when we are not in the same hive.  Hers is the bottom middle one. 

Love, love, love them all (probably should have pressed them before taking the pic!) I think they all go so well together, uh except maybe mine because it is too orange-y. A few more months and I will have one killer lap quilt. 

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  1. These are awesome blocks! And I love Marie & Hank on Breaking Bad. Funny that they're turnin out to be the normal ones.