Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bee Blocks August 2012

Happy Saturday reader(s?). Here are my blocks for August Nubees quilt block bee. Tutorial coming up soon here. I had so much fun making them and getting to know the rest of my hive. I already signed up to do it again in September.

shimmyblisster requested purple and tangerine with a white background.

aedesigned requested yellow, aqua and lime with a white background.

pemiddleton requested red and aqua with a white background. I hope she likes owls!

Runs w/ scissors requested pink and orange with a gray background.

I also made one for my friend K at Crafternoon Delight. She was in another hive and asked for yellow, orange and blue on gray.

And bonus, in some of the photos you can see where some lasagna burned a scorch mark into my dining room table. I was too lazy to retake the photos.

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