Monday, December 31, 2012

Hundred Day Hustle Wrap Up

Time to see how the last 100 days of the year went for me. I didn't finish all my list but it got a lot longer (as predicted). Here are the links to my original post and halfway point update.

Finished Projects - click on the links to see the full post about each project. I made 6 quilts!

Tales of Earth and Sea

2. Sakura quilt for my Bubby. She absolutely adores it and assures me she uses it every day. I don't want my quilts to go unused in a closet somewhere or just displayed for fear of getting them dirty. I make sure to stress they are machine washable and meant to be used.


3. t-shirt quilt. I didn't even add this to the list originally because it was in an embarrassing heap of t-shirts at the beginning of the hustle but I got a spurt of energy to make it and it only took one day!

T-shirt quilt (hubs side)

4. Spinning stars. My sister LOVES it by the way. So does my Dad and Stepmom. They were all blown away. It makes me happy to think of it on their couch.

Spinning Stars {and Geese}

5. Scootin' Squares. A quilt donated to the Salvation Army. I hope this made a little 4 year old boy happy.

Scootin' Squares

6. Geaux Baby quilt for friends. I finished this one just under the wire because I wanted to take it to New Orleans and gift it in person. Full post is pending but here is a peak...

Geaux Baby quilt

I also did lots of other small projects:

8. Lunch bags for the frog festival
9. Last couch pillow.
10. Commissioned messenger bags for a coworker (see the picture below after numbers 11 and 12), two cousins and my aunt

bags, bags, bags

11. Wine totes for lab Christmas gift exchange
12. Christmas pillowcovers

Recent finishes

13. 16 figure 8 scarves. Much loved by all the ladies. A great mass production idea for Christmas prezzies.

All the figure 8s

14. Harry Potter bookshelf miniquilt. A Christmas gift for Kim. Read the full post.

HP bookshelf

15. Two scrappy placemats for a wedding gift for a coworker.  I used my favorite method for them. One day I will have to blog about the dimensions.

Red Placemats

16. 4 placemats for BIL for Christmas. Same pattern but with blue and green scraps. I made the back a little special here with two fabrics for the plate and the silverware.

Blue and green placemats
back of blue and green placemats

Not my cat! But he is a cute little marmie.

17. Stockings for inlaws
Stockings for my inlaws

Ongoing - hopefully these will be done in January. Except the EPP I will just take my sweet time with that.

1. Scrap buster placemats - need 4 for my mom. These just need binding but since she now reads my blog (Hi Mom!) I can't post any pics just yet.

2. Recover 2nd pillow for guest bedroom- EPP project. I've been making slow headway with this one while traveling.

3. Quilt for my sister Allison - she wants a honeycomb pattern with bees - using this pattern and these fabrics. I am finished cutting the fabric.

Fabric piles

No progress- 

1. Nubees block quilt - I realized I need to make three more blocks but I have the backing and sashing fabric ready to go. This is slated for January.

Not started

2. Advent calendar- A little birdie told me that I may be getting one verrry soon.
3.Tree skirt- fodder for Christmas in July 2013

I got pretty much everything I wanted done. I am already brewing ideas for 2013. I wish you all a wonderful New Year's Eve and a Happy New Year! Head on over to Kelsey's to see how everyone else fared with their lists. I am also linking up with the end of the hallway for December at from the blue chair.



  1. Seriously - do you sleep! Six quilts!! Love those spinning stars!! Thanks for playing along!

  2. Beautiful projects! It is so inspiring to see all them in one post...

  3. Wow you made so much progress on your list! Love those placemats. And your sinning stars scraps have been happily finding their way into paper pieced blocks (Thanks!).

  4. Congratulations on your completed projects!!!

  5. Wow, you've done so much, love your scarves and bags and the quilts are cool as well.

  6. Lots of fun has been had, I'm sure!

  7. A lot of variety in there! I suspect you never get bored. =)