Friday, November 9, 2012

100 day hustle - on the 50 yard line

Progress update for the halfway point of...
Kelsey Sews

Anyone ever watch Dead Like Me? I feel like I am part of "getting things done with Dolores." Won't you see what kind of things I have been getting done?

1. Tales from Earth and Sea (a roller rink quilt Elizabeth Hartman design)
3. Lunch bags for the frog festival (made but didn't go to the festival (sad face))
4. Last couch pillow. All the pillows (and Scrappysaurus Rex) on the new couch...

5. Sakura quilt for my Bubby (this one was a recent addition to my list as well as a recent finish)


Sakura backside

1. Commissioned messenger bag for coworker - made the body of the bag, stalled at making the strap.
Heavyweight canvas for the main fabic to give it support. Lined with Habitat and some Hope Valley. Pattern is the messenger bag from From the Zakka Style book (my favorite pattern of the book).

2. 16 figure 8 scarves (the number used to be 24 but I miscalculated earlier) - fabric cut. Test scarf made. Halfway through sewing.
Little folks voile. 1 down, 15 to go. I confess I've worn this one around town a bit. You know, just to test drive it.
3. Three more Christmas pillow covers. Each pillow will be made uising a different technique. I have already made the tops for two of them. I have the fabric and design picked out for the third.

Spinning Christmas stars pillow - quilting in progress 
Spinning stars block. Hand quilted

 Improv piecing. Quilt as you go (QAYG). Astute readers may notice I used red thread for green blocks and green thread for red blocks. see...

4. Spinning starts quilt - quilt top and back done. Need to baste (ugh)

Spinning stars (and geese)
No progress
1. Christmas gift for K - no preview, it's a surprise!
2. Nubees block quilt - once I get my blocks for Oct/Nov I can put this together
3. Scrap buster placemats

Not started
1. Quilt for my sister A - she wants a honeycomb pattern with bees - using this pattern and these fabrics.

2. Advent calendar
3.Tree skirt
4. Recover 2nd pillow for guest bedroom

Can you believe it. Only 50 more days until 2013. My completed list is growing but I am already thinking of the things I want to add to the list for the start of 2013. I really need to stay focused!!

By the 75% mark I expect that all the ongoing projects will be complete and that I will have made some headway into the semi-abandoned projects at the end of my list. Head on over to Kelsey's to see everyone do the hustle.

Happy Friday!


  1. You've gotten so much done!!! I love your spinning stars quilt - that's another one I should add to my list :)

  2. You really have gotten a lot accomplished. I wanted to add new stuff to my list as well, but I did refrain. Excellent work! Can't wait to see the rest of your finishes.

  3. Yay for all that you have gotten done! I can't wait to see that quilt for your sister with all those yellows!

  4. these are all gorgeous! i can't believe how much you've finishded up already!

  5. So many lovelies! Your spinning stars quilt is so much fun--I love the ring of geese! :)

  6. Very impressive. The messenger bag looks awesome, and I love the honeycomb pattern. I need some hustle. Can't manage to get off the couch!

  7. Haha, "getting things done with Dolores", I liked Dead Like Me. You have so many finishes. I love the spinning stars quilt.

  8. You are doing awesome! And you're not alone with the 2013 list. I sat down and wrote out all the things I wanted to get done next year and it's unbelievably long. And I haven't even added new fabric to the mix . . .