Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goals for 2013

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced (nice button redesign, Lee)

Hello 2013! And hello WIP Wednesday! One of my goals for the new year  is to participate in all the WIP Wednesdays. This is sometimes hard for me since I like to work on on project to completion and not leave a lot of WIPs about (I bet some of you wished you had that problem). This growing list should assure that I always have unfinished business...

First some things leftover from last year
1. Test pattern for Sew Crafty Jess
2. Tree skirt
3. Finish purple and gold bee quilt

4. Quilt for Allie

5. Finish placemats for Mom
6. Finish EPP pillow

And some new projects
1. baby blanket for Lauren (my first commissioned quilt, I am both thrilled and frozen with fear on this one)
2. Wedding quilt for Sarah and Riley
3. Wedding quilt for Heather and Nick
4. make more Elizabeth Hartman quilts
5. make a full across the square quilt
6. solids only quilt
7. quilt for the master bedroom
8. modpop quilt for the living room

1. Update blog design so it doesn't look crappy
2. Go to stash bash in April and meet some sewists in person!
3. Join a year long bee?
4. Write more tutorials
5. Get a booth at a craft fair
I've been out of town for about a week and am just itching to get back into sewing. I wish I could join in on the scrappy tripalong fun. Happy New Year and thanks for reading! I'm linking up with Lee.


  1. I'm working on that test pattern for Jess as well! What fabrics are you using? Love your bee quilt :)

  2. I dropped the ball on my Modpop quilt and have a solids only on my to do list too. What is a Stash Bash - sounds fun.

  3. Hey, I bet Stash Bash will bee here before We know it!

    Yes, I see that I typed bee. I'm choosing to leave it.

  4. Good luck with 2013 and that scrappy trip along looks fun and I'm wondering if I have time for that.