Monday, December 24, 2012

A quick Christmas sewing project

The last time my in laws came to my house for Christmas I bought some stockings and embroidered their initials on the cuff. Well I found out on December 23rd that they took them home and did not bring them back. The stockings at Target were crummy and expensive so of course I just whipped up new ones in a few hours.

Stockings for my inlaws 

To make the stockings I roughly traced one of my stockings onto batting and cut them out. I sewed varying widths of Christmas fabrics strips directly to the batting for the front of each stocking. 
For my MIL I chose bright fabrics and for my FIL I chose darker fabrics (have yourself a manly little Chistmas!)

For Luisa For Juan

I thought it would look nice to embroider a cursive L for Luisa in the diamond shaped square up top. And I wrote out Juan's name in big capital letters.
Close up of embriodery


For the back I chose to use a single piece of fabric. Luisa really liked this print from the Wrenly collection by Valorie Wells. Juan's was the same blue fabric that is on the front (the stripe with the name on it).
Back of Luisa's stocking  

For the inside I found some coordinating prints. Luisa's is a sweet little print from connecting threads. Juan's is some old Christmas fabric from 1994 (wow almost 20 years old) we can pretend that means vintage.
A peak inside Luisa's

A peak inside Juan's

I sewed the outside fabrics right sides together and then turned it right side out. Then I sewed the lining right sides together and stuffed the outside stocking into the lining (right sides should be together). I carefully sewed around the top leaving about 3 inches in the back (where you put the hanging tab) open for turning. I turned the stocking right side out and stuff the lining inside and then pressed the opening closed. Then I quickly made some tabs to hang the stockings. I folded them in half and pinned them into the opening. I would say they are about 5 inches long but I honestly didn't measure. The last step is to topstitch which closes the hole, sews in the hanging tab and makes the top look nice. Ta da!

The whole thing only took about 3 hours so if you still need stockings you still have time!  I have put away my sewing machine and donned my oven mitts for now. Lots of baking and cooking going on over here. Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy New Year etc. to you all!

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