Sunday, December 9, 2012

NEW sewing machine!!!

Exciting Christmas news! My hubs got me a new sewing machine (and I get to use it before Christmas to finish sewing up my to do list). 

My first machine is a basic singer (like $100 worth). I was saving up for a fancy machine (think Janome Horizon) but I really don't have $2000 lying around. 

Well, Amazon was having some great deals and this baby was on sale for only $300! It is another Singer (I grew up with them and am very comfortable with them). A Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist to be exact. It has 600 stitches, needle up/down, variable speed control, start/stop button, an extension table and case, thread cutter, and about 15 different feet. My one dream feature that still wasn't met is that it still has a small harp space but it is slightly larger than before.

But seriously, this was a total steal and miles and miles better than my first machine. All the accessories alone would have cost $100 easy. The reviews online are mostly positive. Most of the concerns were about shortcomings with the decorative stitches which I really don't care about. 

If you are looking for a new machine and haven't yet been spoiled with a really high end one yet, I highly recommend this one.

As soon as I got it I decided to whip up this little quilt. It is a donation for the Salvation Army winter toy drive. I picked out a 4 year old boy. The machine came in on Friday and the gifts were due on Saturday. Yeah I can make this in less than 24 hours..

I call it Scootin' Squares
Scootin' Squares
 38" x 43"

I used a Scoot fat quarter pack from Riley Blake designs. The center is made up of 4.5" squares and I added a free pieced border to make it larger. The color placement seemed random at the time but looking back at it -drives me a bit nuts. I did not mean for a red diagonal stripe. Also, somehow two of the same fabric got pieced together. Oh well. That is what happens when you marathon piece.

Scootin' Squares 
I used echo quilting to create a grid pattern. The quilt is bound with mod beads oval print by Heather Bailey for Westminster fabrics.

Scootin' Squares back 
On the back I chose to piece together some leftover pieces. I also saved the two big print fat quarters. I love using up most of a bundle in a project. Nothing goes to waste here. The overall effect is a bit busy but oh well. I hope he likes it. I don't think a4 year old kid will be too judgmental of me. 

Scootin' Squares 
I tried out my letter stitches. Next time do it before you add the backing and binding...oops!

IMG_2012Scootin' Squares1208_140114

Wrap it up with a ribbon! I got this in to the donation center right on time. I even washed it first. Merry Christmas little guy!

It is also the second night of Hanukkah:
Yes those are birthday candles. Yes I forgot to light candles on the first night. Yes it is a frosty the snowman plate. Yes I am a terrible Jew. On Friday we will celebrate with latkes with sour cream and apple sauce, matzoh ball soup and brisket. Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends or friends of Jews out there!


  1. Since I'm not Jewish, I'm afraid I cannot comment on you being a bad one. However, my Jewish friends have now told me multiple times that although the most publicized in the media, Hanukkah is actually a very minor religious holiday. Based on these facts, you totally get a pass from me. :)

    Also, I really like that red diagonal stripe, unintentional though it was.

  2. Yay new machine and Happy Hanukkah!

  3. That is so exciting! I bet finishing up your holiday gifts is no longer a chore. I'm impressed that you had the time to make such a cute charity quilt!

  4. I am so excited for your new machine! 600 Stitches?! That cracks me up!
    And you are SO not a terrible Jew. Think of yourself as a Flexi-Jew, a Fly-By-The-Seat-of-Your-Pants Jew, a Frosty-the-Snowman kinda Jew... it's all good! And I want some of your brisket, by the way. Happy Chanukah from Israel!

  5. What a beautiful machine! I love your little quilt -- too cute!

  6. Hi! I'm so happy for you to have a new sewing machine! I have now simple Singer and my dream has been Husqvarna (with that large space for quilting) but that's too expencive now. I used to have Husqvarna and it was perfect. Yours look so good that I'm thinking to go for that kind of Singer. x Teje