Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To Infinity and beyond!

Question: What is infinity times 16?
Answer: A lot of scarves.

Anna Maria Horner's Figure 8 scarves for Christmas gifties.

Figure 8 infinity scarf
The result is a super silky scarf. I used voile on both sides so it is not particularly warm and snuggly -more a fashion scarf. That works well because most of my recipients live in the tropics where it is always nice and warm. Great for them (sarcasm).

This is what it looks like wearing one scarf:

This is what it looks like wearing 16 scarves:
What a neck workout!

This pattern gave me lots of practice on my hand stitching. I think it is improving.

All the figure 8s
All the fabrics are little folks voile. I bought 4 yards each of the magenta and orange and two yards of each of the four prints. I modified the pattern a bit cutting the fabric 12" wide instead of 18" based on some feedback by other crafters who had made them.

Linking up with Fabric Tuesdays. Normally I would link up with WIP Wednesdays too but I don't have any WIPs from the last week that I can photograph.

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  1. Well, clearly you can't give these away! You must wear all of them at once because it looks fabulous.