Saturday, October 13, 2012

Old 2012 goals revisited

In my first blog post in August I wrote up some goals for the rest of 2012. And, you guys, I have finished almost all of them! So even if my 100 day hustle list gets longer instead of shorter I am still a winner.

August Goals for 2012 revisited (red = still not complete):
Start a blog (and I think I may even have a few readers now)
Donate a quilt to charity (donated 2 to Quilt for Kids)
Join a bee (I've participated in Nubees a monthly quilt block swap in August, September October/November)
Write a tutorial (2 blocks and one paper piecing template)

Zakka sew along hosted by LRstitched (14 of 24 projects completed)
Scrap quilt inspired by this quilt and others like it (Scrapysaurus rex)
Two pillow tops
Eggplant and mustard lap quilt (blocks from Nubees 12 done, 6 more from October and it will be ready to put together)

A quilt from Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman (tales from earth and sea)
Redo living room pillows (4 out of 4 complete) I finished the last pillow this week:

Parisville pebbles
The last of the Parisville scraps from my chevron quilt. These were all the wonky scraps pieced together randomly.

parisville pebbles close
I pebbled quilted (for the first time) in the white space and just meandered through the prints.

parisville pebbles back
I think I like the back the best. It is a simple envelope closure with two blocks of purple and a stripe of Parisville. The piping really pops on the back.

Oh and my cats were getting tired of all the attention the dogs got on the blog so they knocked over a potted plant. YAY! 

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  1. Did you really only start blogging in August?! I'm surprised.

    Your lists always make me take stock of where I am and what exactly I want to get done. I always appreciate reading them!