Saturday, September 21, 2013

Catching Up - August Beach Trip Rundown

In late August, after hubs finished the Step 2 exam - that killer 8hr exam in your 3-4 year of medical schoool - we went to Dauphin Island to relax.
Dauphin Island is a beautiful barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico just off mainland Alabama.

We went to Fort Gaines and shot cannons at the Union like real Southerners.

I only wish our gulf views weren't marred by oil rigs. I didn't realize there were so many just off shore.

We went to the Estuarium and saw all the snuggliest of sea creatures:

There was lots of wildlife outside too!
So many birds including herons, terns, pelicans and gulls. We saw skates and hermit crabs in the water and lots of fish.

But most importantly I got to put my toes in the sand...

And this gif is just for you, Ms. Stitching and Bacon:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's been a while...

Oh Hai! I'm back. I lost my sewjo for a spell there but thankfully it was only temporary. Here is a finish from about two weeks ago. Another Zakka Style messenger bag. This one is for my aunt Kathy. She is a kookie geologist who lives on a farm and owns goats and alpacas. I aspire to grow up just like her!!

Ostrich fabric appliqued on the front is perfectly fitting. My mom commissioned this bag and she said she and Kathy are the two old birds.

The body of the bag is yarn dyed linen in denim. The inside is lined with birds and the bees fabric. The pockets are a dinosaur text print (Geology rocks!!) The inside flap is a honeybee print that I wish I bought more of.

The strap is a home dec fabric that has an underwater scene on it. I like that the turtles and fish peep out from the sea fronds.

It is a good thing I love making these bags. My mom commissioned another 5 from me.

I hope I didn't lose too many readers in that dry spell.