Friday, October 26, 2012

Philisophical Pfridays

Sew Hungry
Fridays are for thinking about anything but work. So grab a button from my sidebar to play along. 

With flickr, Facebook, blogging, pinterest, google+, instagram etc out there, I find it a bit overwhelming to keep up with the internet quilting/sewing/crafting world. To catch up on my blogs I subscribe using google reader and I mercilessly troll flickr and pinterest. I am not using google+ or Facebook for quilting purposes and I have never instagramed anything. I think I am falling behind the curve on that front.

So how do you keep informed and in touch?

Serious crafting going on this weekend at my house. I expect a large dent to be made in my 100 day hustle and some new projects to be showing up on my blog feed in the next week.

Happy Friday to you all!

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