Friday, September 28, 2012

Tales from Earth and Sea

My roller rink quilt, official name Tales from Earth and Sea, is complete! This one was a mad dash to the finish line so I could link it up with craft buds linky party for craft book projects. The deadline is Sept 30 if you are interested in playing along (and having a chance at faaabulous prizes). I was planning on making this quilt anyway so the timing was perfect.

Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

The quilt is an Elizabeth Hartman (EH) design from her book modern patchwork. Fantastic book BTW, the instructions are very clear. The plan is for me to slowly make all the quilts in the book a la Julie/Julia. EH just remade the roller rink for a baby quilt. I heart that quilt hard core. Anyway back to mine...

The rectangular blocks had a gradation of values from light-dark-light or dark-light-dark. She used a red color palette. I decided to mix it up and have three different colorways. Blue, green, and blue-green. I also had a combination of solids only and pattern only blocks. Therefore I ended up with 6 different block types. I sashed the dark-light-dark with kona bone and the light-dark-light with espresso like EH suggested in the book.

Tales of Earth and Sea
The name, Tales from Earth and Sea came from the studio Ghibli film Tales from EarthSea. Not their best movie but I like the name. The cool blues and greens with cream and brown really reminded me of the earth and sea.

When planning the layout I decided the whole quilt could be a study in values as well, going from green to blue. I'd like to say I planned it that way all along.

Tales of Earth and Sea
values within values - maybe I should have called it the inception quilt?

Here is a close-up of the blocks and the strip binding. I decided to go with one of the blue-green fabrics I used in the top.
quilt on a fence

I quilted in the cream sashing only using loops. I didn't want to disrupt the pattern and I didn't want dark colored thread showing up on the back.
close up of quilting
How did this dog fur get here? I just took it out of the dryer. Seriously. Please ignore.

Here's a peak of the back of the quilt. It is a gray/green geometric print from a sheet set I bought on sale at Ross. I chose not to do a pieced back because the front was already so busy.
a peek at the geometric print for the back
I think it looks good with mr. stripy binding, don't you?

Here is another close-up. I love the vintage airplane fabric mucho mucho.
a little bit o' green stripe binding

Mmm quilt burrito:
mmm quilt roll-up

Also linking up to TGIFF and From the blue chair's end of the hallway for September. Happy Friday peeps!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Philisophical Pfridays - A joke

Hey look a button! Grab one if you are feeling profound today.
Sew Hungry 

">Friends who craft or quilt are the best. Observe a typical g-chat conversation between Crafternoon Delighter, K and myself.</

K: also. i need to go to joann. in time for the weekend crafting. do you need anything? i think i may go friday morning
me: no thanks i am good   K: ok bueno. i need zippers and fabs and interfacing Kfat mouthed pouch   me: who you calling a fat mouthed pouch!K: hahahahaha

We both just about peed our pants after this. I relayed this conversation to my hubby and he did not think it was funny at all. Either way, K and I will be crafting this weekend and eating greek food. Obviously we will be making some wide mouth pouches from that tutorial writing fiend noodlehead, (aka Anne). So do you have any good crafty humor to share?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday- rollin' and spinnin'

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Another week, another Wednesday. It seems like 2012 is just flying by. I've got my list for 2012 finishes and making good progress. I'm finishing up a roller rink quilt for a wedding quilt. Just need to sew down the binding and wash it!

from this.... this
Leuko helped. 

I finally made the zakka zig-zag tote albeit a little late. It was project 1 of 24 in the SAL which is now over. I modified it with a reinforced canvas bottom. I also made the bag a bit shorter. I took this guy all the way to the other side of the city for a sewing expo. Not as cool as if I could go to the sewing summit but oh well!
Travel Handmade with The Sewing Summit local edition!

Washi zig-zag

Some snowball blocks for a donation quilt for a little boy who likes red, green, black, footballs and cheetah. Not my usual color scheme to say the least.

And even thought the title of my post would suggest I would have lots of spinning stars to show you, alas, no. Stars are up next.

This little block says "make me some friends. I'm lonely"

Oh FYI, Hawthorne Threads is having a tent sale. I know I caved and bought some much needed stash builders. Join me in the fray, won't you?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quilting and Sewing Expo

I may not be going to the sewing summit or other big quilt cons but I did get to go to the Original sewing and quilting expo when it came to Birmingham (Alabama, not England, England would be way cooler). I went with K and got to meet another local blogger, Katie from Katie's Korner. Was great to finally talk shop in person.

It was a pretty small venue. I walked all over it in about 90 minutes. I got to try my hand at a long arm quilter. I also managed not to buy any fabric. That is pretty impressive. Here are some of my favorite quilts from the expo. Lots of inspiration here.

  I loved the colors and the mix of blocks in this one:
Summer Siesta, designed by Theresa Eisinger and made by Kim Waite

The scrappy nature of this one drew me in:
Scrappy triangles designed and made by Jean Nolte. 
Apparently there are 864 HSTs. Sounds like a challenge.

This one was great. All solids, and the color placement is perfect:
Amish buggy wheels designed and made by Jean Nolte (apparently I like her designs)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Scrappy is done

In order to get these photos I  had to convince my husband that bringing a quilt on a hike was totally normal. I didn't actually take it on the hike. It is too heavy for that. This is right outside the parking lot.

Scrappysaurus rex 
Scrappysaurus rex on a fence.
Final stats:
approx 80 x 100 inches
Inspired by this photo.
732 3" squares from my scrap bin
Kona white for the X's
vintage sheet for the back
machine quilted by me on my dinky machine (it can be done!)

You can follow the progress of this quilt through these links:
Arkansas crossroad blocks
Piecing the blocks

S. rex close up 
Close up of quilting. I echoed the X block.

close up of diamond boarder on S. rex 
Close up of the diamond border and scrappy binding.

S. rex. ready for a picnic 
I love how crinkled it looks here. Just as good outside as it will look in our guest bedroom. 

close up of S. rex. 
I love stripped bindings so this one HAD to be a scrappy stripey.

back of S. rex is a vintage sheet. 
The back is a vintage sheet with soft little flowers on it.

Remember I made this pillow using all of the leftover HSTs from the crossroad blocks? Well, I forgot to show these pics. I am so proud of this pillow, I just had to show them here.

Scrappy HSTs pillow 
HST pillow top

Scrappy HSTs butt 
HST pillow butt. If the fabric on the back is the "back" then the backside of the front must be the butt, you follow? In my opinion, we don't get to see the quilt butts often enough. So what are you hiding? I know if your butt is anything like mine sometimes it is uuuuugly. But this one is purdy.

close up of seams

I have already started to feel the itch to make another scraptastic quilt. I hope you have a happy scrappy day.

Linking up with Fabric Tuesdays on Quilt Story. As long as your recent post has to do with fabric (I know mine always are) you can link up too.

Fresh Poppy DesignFresh Poppy Design

Sunday, September 23, 2012

100 day hustle

Seriously 100 days left until 2013? I still think it is 2011 or 10 or maybe 1999 but whatever. Kelsey over at Kelseysews is hosting this:

Kelsey Sews

Theoretically a good way to assure we all get projects done before the new year. I love writing lists. So satisfying to cross things off too so here goes.

  1. Tales from Earth and Sea (a roller rink quilt Elizabeth Hartman design)
  2. Spinning starts quilt
  3. October Nubees blocks
  4. Nubees block quilt
  5. lunch bags for the frog festival (yes that actually exists!)
  6. Christmas gift for K
  7. 24 figure 8 scarves for Christmas presents
  8. Honey quilt (also Elizabeth Hartman)
  9. Scrap buster placemats
  10. Quilt for my sister A
I'm sure more things will get added to the list but hopefully at a slower rate than it take me to finish things.

EDIT (9/24/12): see I already thought of more...

11. One more pillow for my couch
12. 3 Christmas pillow covers
13. Advent calendar (maybe)
14. Tree skirt (maybe)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Philisophical Pfridays - Scraps-R-Us

I'm taking a few minutes this Friday to think about scraps. I love scraps and scrappy quilts. I think I love scraps more than big pieces of fabric. Probably because I don't have to cut so much (like in my last post) or worry about direction. I can just improve piece.

Right now, I keep all my scraps crammed together in a clear tupperware box. I would like someday to organize them based on color. I don't yet have enough dedicated space for that. I keep everything that is 1" or larger.

 What about you: What scrap is too small for you to keep? How do you organize your scraps?

Also look what awesome movies my hubs bought as a surprise for me! He is the bestest. If you haven't tried a Studio Ghibli film you really should. My fav is Spirited Away.
My Neighbors the Yamadas, The Secret World of Arrietty, Whisper of the Heart

Happy Friday, stitchers!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesdays - Cutting fabric All. The. Time.

Happy WIP Wednesday! Brought to you by:

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced (and my rotary cutter)

Last week was muy productivo. So first some finishes,
1. Nested boxes a la Zakka (last project in the SAL <sniff>)
2. NuBees blocks for September
3. Surgical cap to make my Husbeast's surgical rotation more fun

 I didn't have a pattern. He brought me home one of the disposable ones and I deconstructed it to make the pattern for this one. If you want me to write up a pattern for it just let me know. It took less than an hour to make. I used fabric from connecting threads mastermind collection so I can slowly get over my fear of robots. Plus now we can say he is a gear head (I crack myself up).

Since then I have been cutting all the things. My poor rotary cutter. Progress on my roller rink. Sashing cut. So impressive I know. Excuse the pics again, it was late.

Kona bone for the dark-light-dark blocks and Kona Espresso for the light-dark-light blocks

Spinning stars progress = 

Spinning stars fabric cut
Cutting pieces for my template and having a grand time. From top to bottom C, B, A.
A= 5 x 5.5"
B= 7 x 3.5"
C= 9 x 5" (enough for two C templates)
And of course I will save all the scraps and use them later for a wonky quilt.

Happy hump day WIPpers!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall is here

Did you know I also love to bake? Fall means baking with apples and pumpkin. Observe:

Whole wheat apple pancakes for breakfast (Sunday)

Honey glazed pork chops and pasta with a pumpkin cream sauce for dinner Monday night. (oops I ate pork on Rosh Hashanah at least it had honey in the sauce. I think it is OK)

Apple cake for dessert. 

NOW this is Rosh Hashanah approved. I like my apple cake to be 50/50 batter and apples. I also like lots of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and cloves. 
I think I probably could have just eaten the batter... mmmm....

I started with this recipe and added more spices. Also no nuts. I don't like them in my cake. The recipe says it is the best apple cake in the world, and it pretty much was.

l'shana tova peeps.

Monday, September 17, 2012

September Nubees

I finished my Nubees blocks for September using my across the square block tutorial. It is really fun to see a block come together using different fabric styles. I got to cut into my fly a kite fabric bundle for this one. It was so appropriate for many of the color selections. I was in Hive 2:

  SeptNubees -Hive2 
For Seahorsequilts - she wanted red, yellow and orange.
This is mostly fly a kite fabrics with some terrain and I am not sure where the large flower fabric is from.

SeptNubees -Hive2 
For lynnmariewood. She wanted red, orange, yellow and green. Again with fly a kit fabrics.

SeptNubees -Hive2 
This one is for sunshine_sally. She wanted green, brown and blue. Again I used fly a kite and a bit of flea market fancy.

SeptNubees -Hive2
And last but not least this one is for StampQnjlr our hive mamma. She wanted red, white and blue.  I used some red dots and boxes (can't remember from where) and the really cool airplane fabric is vintage. The middle is made of Kona white and a cream mirage fabric but it is reading yellow with my camera.

Bonus block for K over at Crafternoon Delight :) She is still using blue, orange and yellow. I forgot to photograph it so she sent me a pic.

If you use my block tutorial I hope you will show me. I'd love to see it!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zakka Style: A review

Here is a review of all the projects from the Zakka Style book by Rashida Coleman-Hale. I made 14 of the 24 projects for the Zakka Style SAL. That's more than half!

Zakka Style Sew Along

You can also check it out on my flickr for additional photos.

Week 24: Nested boxes
nested boxes
Blogged here.
The best part: Being able to nest them - and quilting such a manageable sized project is always a treat.
The worst part: hand-stitching the boxes together
Would I make it again: Yes

Week 20- Little pocket pillowcase
Zakka SAL/modified lined drawstring bag.
Blogged here.

The best part: Making the pocket
The worst part: The pillow hem not lining up with the body. 
Would I make it again: The pocket for sure. I may try again on the pillowcase but I would not construct it the way it was presented.

Week 18- bread basket

Zakka SAL: week 18

The best part: fussy cut chickens!
The worst part: Stitching the tight corners of the handles.
Would I make it again: Maybe, I don't know what I would do with it. This one was used for transporting cookies and then for holding my thread spools

Week 17- linen bag
Zakka SAL: week 17

The best part: playing with different patchworks on the front
The worst part: realizing it is too small to be functional
Would I make it again: Yes but I would resize it.

Week 16- patchwork ribbon

Zakka SAL: week 16

The best part: Using the last little bits of scraps from my mom's bargello quilt. And I get to wrap up the quilt with this ribbon
The worst part: The raw edges fraying
Would I make it again: Yes if I had long strips of patchwork leftover from a project.

Week 14- water bottle holder

Zakka SAL - week 14

The best part: Quilting the bottom
The worst part: Sewing on buttons
Would I make it again: Yes but I would make it taller.

Week 13- patchwork potholders

Zakka SAL - week 13: potholders

The best part: making the patchwork top and having the pleasure of sewing bias binding around a curve (not sarcasm!)
The worst part: none that I can remember.
Would I make it again: Yes. These will make great gifts.

Week 11- Orchard path pouch

Zakka SAL - week 11

The best part: English paper piecing for the first time.
The worst part: Getting the corners to match up
Would I make it again: Yes. It is a great size. It currently houses all my dry erase markers.

Week 10- Zip organizer
zakka sew along week 10

The best part: Picking out crazy neon fabric for the case.
The worst part: finishing it with the zipper and lots of layers. It does not look polished. Just don't look too close
Would I make it again: Yes. I need to try it again to perfect it

Week 9- Stem messenger bag

Zakka bag
The best part: Picking out leaf fabrics and making my own strap. This was also my first bag
The worst part: Top stitching through many layers.
Would I make it again: Obviously. I made two of the messenger bags. I think this was my favorite projects. The first one I followed the book. The second one just has an elephant on the front. I whipped it up in a frenzy for a friend who needed a large bag for a trip she was taking the next day.

Week 8- Zakka block quilt

The best part: Quilting zig-zag lines. I also really liked the fabric I chose and making the back. And  also everything about this cause I like quilts the best. Oh, I donated it so that felt pretty good too!
The worst part: Nothing.
Would I make it again: Yes! The top came together in one night. I made the whole thing in a weekend even with all the quilting.

Week 7- mug rug

The best part: rain lines
The worst part: my swirls in the clouds look baaaad.
Would I make it again: Maybe. I don't really get mug rugs.

Week 6- magnets


The best part: fussy cut bun
The worst part: turning it right side out and stitching it closed
Would I make it again: Sure

Week 3- patchwork pincushion

The best part: using the baking girl scouts patch 
The worst part: Getting the button just so.
Would I make it again: Yes.

Weeks I skipped:
Week 23- message board (eh, not my cuppa tea)
Week 22- pleated coin purse (maybe if I run across a metal frame)
Week 21- photo frame (not enough sewing for my taste)
Week 19- sweet sugar cookie sack (maybe when I have kids)
Week 15- elephant bookmark (bookmarks don't fit in my kindle)
Week 12- hand warmers (maybe but not with creepy faces)
Week 5- patchwork pencil case (I really want to make this)
Week 4-Sewing kit (will make eventually)
Week 2-house pouch (could be fun)
Week I- zig-zag tote (on my to do list)

Thank you to Lindsey and Amy for hosting! Also thank you readers because I just hit 1000 pageviews!!