Monday, June 9, 2014

Quilt Divided {A finished baby quilt}

Hey everyone! I am moving to St. Louis next week. Woot woot!! Hubby starts his Internal Medicine Residency/Infectious Disease Fellowship at Wash U. 

In honor of leaving Alabama I decided to use up the rest of my Alabama and Auburn fabrics in a quilt for a coworker who is having a baby in August. For those of you who do not have the pleasure of understanding college football in Alabama, allow me to explain to the best of my ability (considering I am from the north), how important it is (to them). Your team is your religion. You must wear the colors. You must hate the other team and their fans. You must go all crazy-sports-religion come football season. 

This couple live in a "house divided" - wife loves Alabama, husband is for Auburn. Normally these marriages end in tragic divorces or murders but these two seem to make it work somehow. This was a perfect way for me to use up all my fabric and make a "quilt divided":

Fans of either team cannot feel comfortable seeing these two icons all cozied up with each other. I appliqued the Auburn logo on one patch and a cute elephant on another.

Then I added some big strips of fabric to make columns for each school and sewed them together. It went together very quickly. Each school got equal representation on the front. The binding is a non-confrontational mustard yellow bike paths print which plays well with others.

The back, which I neglected to get a photo of, is a cute multicolored print which is in no way affiliated with either school, can't play favorites here.

My coworker definitely got a kick out of this quilt. I wish her and her growing family the very best.