Friday, October 19, 2012

Philosophical Pfridays - Not a lie

Sew Hungry
Fridays are for thinking about anything but work. So grab a button from my sidebar to play along. Before I start philosophizing I have a PSA:


Is not a lie

Birthday party tonight for a friend. This is an ironic cake because she is not a rainbows/pink/sprinkles kind of gal (not that there's anything wrong with that). I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe from the Whisk Kid blog. I have also made that cake with the salted caramel and whipped caramel ganache and it is DIVINE. But this time I went for a lighter approach using strawberry whipped cream. There is also some strawberries sliced up in between the 4 layers. YUM!

As a relative newcomer to the quilty/bloggy world I have noticed that my quilt skills/inclinations are seeping into all the other things I do. For example, 
  1. I used to just wear solids, now I wear lots of prints and feel very plain Jane if I am wearing solids only.
  2. My cake decorating has been influenced a la rainbows etc. 
  3. I am better at arithmetic although I still keep my trusty calculator at my cutting table. I use a Ti-89 graphing calculator. Overkill much?
How has your quilting/crafting influenced other aspects of your life? 

Happy weekend folks. I am looking forward to good weather, rest, and many happy hours at my sewing machine this weekend. But first, CAAAAAAKE!!!


  1. I would totally use my TI-83 for sewing calculations but I leave it in my desk in my office at school. Might have to get another one for home, right?

  2. It's funny that you mention quilt aesthetics showing up in your daily style--I'm very proud of my "citron" J. Crew cardigan that I bought this fall. And the Liberty print shirts they have now! Sigh. I've noticed that I wear more color in general. Also, I paint my nails?