Thursday, October 25, 2012

100 Day Hustle - 1/3 into the dance

Progress update for the first 1/3 of
Kelsey Sews

Theoretically a good way to assure we all get projects done before the new year. I love writing lists. So satisfying to cross things off too so here goes. I did not get as much done as I wanted to. 

1. Tales from Earth and Sea (a roller rink quilt Elizabeth Hartman design)

Tales of Earth and Sea
2. October NuBees

3. Lunch bags for the frog festival (made but didn't go to the festival (sad face))
4. Last couch pillow. I'm getting a new couch tomorrow so I'll have to post pics!


1. Christmas gift for K - no preview, it's a surprise!
2. Spinning starts quilt - I actually only have 3 more blocks to finish. My goal was to finish the top by Friday

3. Nubees block quilt - once I get my blocks for Oct/Nov I can put this together

4. Scrap buster placemats - this is morphing into a quilt perhaps I have a lot of scraps to bust

Not started

  1. 24 figure 8 scarves for Christmas presents - have fabric must get activation energy
  2. Recover 2nd pillow for guest bedroom
  3. Quilt for my sister A - she wants a honeycomb pattern with bees - maybe the Honey quilt from Elizabeth Hartman??
  4. 3 Christmas pillow covers 
  5. Advent calendar (maybe)
  6. Tree skirt (maybe)
  7. Placemats for christmas gift
  8. Commissioned messenger bag for coworker - fabrics pulled and sitting neglected on my cutting table

Ack my list is growing instead of shrinking. I hope to make a lot of headway this weekend.


  1. Love your earth and sea quilt -stunning!

  2. Your earth and sea quilt is beautiful! My list keeps growing, too. I'llhave to write an update today.

  3. Oh man - this weekend major hustle is happening!

  4. I'm impressed! Love the roller rink quilt.