Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend trip home

Hi Ya'll. It's great to be back in the south. Although MD technically is below the mason dixon line too. My mom LOVED her quilt. Here it is on her bed. Her walls are a light blue so it matches perfectly!

 The weather was cloudy all weekend so these were the best photos I could get with my camera phone.

The pillows are on the living room couch and spicing it up. I took these photos right before I left and my mom asked if I was taking a photo of Maggie (the tiny dog you probably missed in this photo). I said, "No, not Maggie, the pillows!" Side note, I crocheted that blanket for my mom a bazillion years ago.

 We ate pancakes with Huckleberry syrup brought back from my mom's recent cycling trip around the northwestern US and Canada.

Steamed blue crabs!

 My sisters and I got to play games like Qwirkle.

My youngest sister found this old picture of my dad when he was about 16. I cannot get over the glasses and the hair. He also dodged the army instead of fighting in Vietnam but somehow he snagged a jacket.

Old clothing patterns from my Bubby. I brought a few back with me. Maybe I will take the plunge into garment sewing? Too scared now, just hide under piles of WIPs.

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