Sunday, June 30, 2013

Finish-A-Long Q2 Round Up

she can quilt

Quarter 2 is wrapping up and I finished 3/5 projects. Not to shabby. For bookkeeping sake here is the link to my goal setting. My three finishes are the Melifera quilt, 16-patch wedding quilt, and Happy Pills. In true Marla fashion I finished a whole bunch of stuff that wasn't on the list. I wanted to tally them up here.
Finishes This quarter
place mats     4
pillows          2
Bags             3
Pouches        4
Mini quilts     1
                                Quilts            7 (3 were collaborative)

1. Melifera Quilt for Allie- Apiary pattern. The sub-blocks were assembled at goal setting.

2. 16-patch wedding quilt. Had most of the blocks made at goal setting time. Finished the top at the Stash Bash and quilted with overlapping arcs in a variegated thread.

3. Happy pills quilt. I had one block made and everything cut. I made the top and back at the Stash Bash. Clearly sewing retreats are great for productivity!

4. makeup rolls - Yeah I don't think I am making these anymore. So technically these are done.

5. Finish EPP pillow (still a giant maybe). But look how much progress I have made since January. Shocking. This barely got touched. Nope, nope it didn't get touched at all. When I pulled it out from the bottom of a project box it looks just like the pic below. Oh well. I think EPP is a winter only project for me.

Linking up with She Can Quilt. Check out everyone's progress.


  1. Nice work! I do the same thing, I set discrete goals and then I end up going on a detour that ends in a new purse or zippy pouch... Happy, but note exactly goal centered.

  2. Your quilts are beautiful, I especially love your first quilt, it is a really lovely pattern and the colours you used are great.