Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summertime Squares ~ AYoLF June Finish

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Chirp Chirp. Hear the crickets? Sorry things have been quiet around here. Let's blame a summer blogging funk. I have still been sewing and I completed my June goal. My plan was to turn these 361 charm squares into a quilt.

Ta da! Introducing Summertime Squares:

size: 95" x 95" square.

The pattern is my own but heavily inspired by this pinterest post. I played with color pencils and graph paper.

The quilt was pieced and quilted by me on my home machine. I chose to do a cross-hatch design. It's not too much quilting so it drapes perfectly (over rocks).

The binding is scrappy AMH good folks voile scraps. I just love a voile binding, don't you.

The backing is this Ikea print. It's a seriously awesome print. And I got it for $2.99/yard. That is practically stealing it. My favorite doodles are the llama(?) or maybe the monster or the cheese grater/building. The pup and fugly fish are pretty great too. Actually I can't pick a favorite.

I love quilt burritos. They are yummy but don't get me fat.

Here it is on my guest bed. You can get a better idea of the scale. Ignore mismatched pillows or don't if you are into that kind of thing.

In 6 months I have finished 6 quilts! 

I hope I can keep it up for the remainder of the year. Now what to pick for July... For now, linking up with AYoLF oh and TGIFFFFFFF and Crazy Mom Quilts (So happy it is Friday!).


  1. 1. Great quilt. Separating out the cools and the warms was smart--you made a classic-looking quilt with a little twist. 2. It's humongous. 3. 6 in six months is a terrific accomplishment! I know you will do six (eight?) more.

    It's also easy to be a little blog-quiet when there's Instagram, I think. :)

  2. Lovely! This quilt is such an awesome example of how sometimes a simple pattern using only squares can pack one heck of a punch! I love your fabric selection, pattern, arrangement - so yah, all of it :) awesome finish!

  3. And the rest of the just screams summer. Fabulous!

  4. 6 quilts in 6 months... Oh lordy, that's insane.
    And a scientist in your spare time, you say?
    You must be tap-dancing your way around the house (I bet you could get that dh of yours to rap an accompaniment.)

    Your Summertime Squares is my fave so far, it is amazing, so intensely SUMMERY. All fresh limes and raspberries by the pool. YUM and REFRESHING all at once. Raising my glass to your design.

  5. I saw this in person, so I can attest to the awesomeness. I did not, however, test it on the rock-draping matrix, so thanks for clearing that up.

  6. Oh neat, what a lovely Summery quilt! Great job.

  7. What a beautiful quilt- and it's huge! I love your color choices. They are so fresh and light. That backing print cracks me up. I looked at it for a few minutes to really see each drawing. I must say that the monster is my favorite. :) If you get a chance, you should share at needle and Thread Thursday as well! It will be open through today!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. It is beautiful! Excellent use of charm squares and the colors are so pretty and summery. I am so in love with the backing! All the random doodles are so fun! My favorite doodles are the monster and the dog.

  9. I passed up the backing when I was at Ikea and am kicking myself, it looks great for your quilt and I love all of the fabrics you used. The mosaic of quilts is impressive - for a whole year let alone a half of one, congrats.

  10. Well done on your quilt finish, love the funky backing fabric

  11. I love the layout and the colors, beautiful!