Saturday, June 8, 2013

Not QuiltCon

Last week I went to Emory in Atlanta GA for the national IRACDA conference (Read: Not QuiltCon) for work. The conference is the annual meeting for a group of postdocs that have a fellowship in research and teaching. I thought I would show you a few pictures of my adventures.

First, before I lose most of you in my science related musings. I drove down to Atlanta early on Sunday and spent some time with Ella (Throw A Wench in the Works). We went to InTown Quilters and to lunch at Radial Cafe. I will write a separate post on the goodies I got over the weekend.

Wall of solids at In Town Quilters

This was a great quilt shop. Big selection and friendly staff. 

The meeting was lots of fun. Got to meet lots of like-minded and goal oriented people from across the country. I go to play with bugs...
bean beetle lab for inquiry based learning

Drive around the greater Atlanta area...
Fancy mural

Bowl with other terrible bowlers in the hotel's personal bowling alley (this much be what the rich people do)...

Eat way too much...
A taste of Georgia buffet

Bring home lots of swag...

The meeting energized me for my last year in my research/teaching program. I also won third place for my poster presentation on my research (go go yeast genetics!) Next year the meeting is in Albuquerque, NM (aside: that is a HARD name to spell). I hope I can go.


  1. Oh, that wall of Kona is so gorgeous! I am hoping to get to Atlanta before my MIL moves away, so that I can get to the great fabric stores. I know it is early, but are you thinking QuiltCon 2015?!? I whined so much about missing it this year that my husband agreed to try to get me there in '15. I'm about ready to start meeting some of you internet people for reals.

  2. It's not quiltcon but there was swag, cool lectures, and good food, so sounds like it'll do fine! ;) Glad that it was invigorating for research! You can do it!!!
    Also I agree with Laura. QuiltCon 2015 MF.

  3. Okay, I spent a month last summer working in Atlanta (totally brought my sewing machine). My hotel was right by InTown Quilter and I totally go there every time I end up in that town (which is way too much). Also, I love the Radial! Excellent fun. Atlanta has terrific food, there are also a ton of really good indian restaurants in the area around Decatur as long as you are relatively brave. I ate so many spicy chickpeas last summer (miss them so much!). Also, that bowling alley is exactly what I imagine every billionaire to have. Only in my billionaire bowling alley dreams all of the balls would be rainbow colored.