Saturday, June 29, 2013


Oh hello almost July. I finished these place mats in April. 

I've used this style before. Scrappy centers that are 6 x 12" (unfinished measurements) surrounded by 3.5" borders (unfinished). 

The backs are some home-dyed batiks my husband picked up on a business trip to Vermont. It's so cute that I have him trained to buy me fabric when he goes out of town. I was so worried that these would bleed onto the cream binding but the colors held beautifully. I know these prints were just perfect for my mom.

These made my way to my mom's for mothers day and she says she enjoys them every day.


  1. cute placemats! Those would be easy to personalize to someone's decor for a gift!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. I'm glad you remembered to post these. I always forget that placemats are a thing you can make quilted, too. I like the batik backs...! Lovely quilting, as always.

  3. Love the placemats! They are so pretty and the backs are great.

  4. How cute! All that white would make me nervous - I bet your mum is a neater eater than me though.