Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Hotel Room Sewing

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I've been at a work conference since Sunday so not much sewing progress this past week. I did cut a boatload of charms and got some hotel sewing done.

 I also sewed together a mini quilt. Can you tell what it is? This is going in my office next year.
 I still need to bind it and I hope some of the wonk that was introduced during the quilting goes away when I wash it. Not sure why that happened. I used my walking foot and basted it pretty well considering it is small.

Check out what everyone else has been working on at Lee's blog.


  1. Yay to sewing on the move! I have a 3-hour train work trip coming up: and so a hand-sewing project to keep me busy. Is that a periodic table? Happy stitching and happy chemicaling (well, it should be a word...)! JJ.

  2. I love the periodic table!!!

  3. Periodic Table!! I plan on making a big one, sometime... Have you been sewing that other quilt by hand while you're away? It's really lovely!

  4. Cheers to hotel room sewing! I am sitting in a hotel room right now looking at my sewing machine and trying to decide if I have the energy to sit at it... The answer is probably no. Also, the periodic table is awesome. Super awesome.

  5. Way to get some sewing done at a work conf! Love the mini periodic table - did you use a tutorial or just go with your own layout?

  6. Your wall hanging is great! What a fun idea. Your hotel sewing is impressive!