Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIP Wednesdays - Lots of finished WIPs

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. We are having dinner at my place with about 10 people. Despite all the cooking and cleaning I still am managing to get some sewing done.

Here is a little mosaic of my recent finishes. Read more here.

Recent finishes

And now onto the WIPs:
Still working on the infinity scarves
Only 9 more to handstitch down the last seam. 

I thought I would illustrate that the first attempt to photograph something almost always results in a puppy photo bomb. That's some grade A puppy butt right there.

Made major headway on Kim's Christmas present due to her being out of town so much but no previews. IT'S A SURPRISE DUH

Picked up a really old project (for me anyway) out of guilt. My first (and last) t-shirt quilt is finally being cut into blocks. One side will be my old t-shirts from college the other my hubs. I really hate making this thing but it's going to be a nerdtastic quilt, ya'll. Here is one of my favorites based on this website.
It says "I care about science alot" 

I also made a few more improv blocks. Haven't started any new projects in an grand effort to get everything done before the new year.

My goal for this Thanksgiving is to not have to get stitches. Last year at this time I was hanging out at the local doc-in-a-box as we so fondly call the nearby clinic. Cut my arm above the elbow on a pane of glass while I was cleaning up. Still managed to throw one hell of a turkey day though.

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  1. I love the ALOT! I love ALL OF THE SCIENCE! :)

  2. Pretty infinity scarves. I look forward to seeing this nerdtastic quilt!