Monday, November 26, 2012

A little thanks

I never got around to writing a Thanksgiving post, better late than never. I am so thankful for everything in my life but wanted to give a special shout out to you all. I've been blogging since August and have enjoyed making new friends and getting loads of inspiration seeing what you all do. So thanks!

Ok mushy stuff out of the way and onto more important things. Look what Kim from Crafternoon delight got me in Oregon (aka  quilt mecca compared to Birmingham, AL)

Mustard yellows and eggplants that I can use to finish up my Nubees quilt. I guess she wants me to handstitch more too.

 The purples are from rock'n'romance and then we have some assorted golds. So, so awesome! I can't wait to use them.


  1. Oooh those are such pretty fabrics! It is my favorite when people bring you presents of fabric. :)

  2. Love that morning light. Really makes that gold pop! I really enjoy stopping by your blog, and find a lot of inspiration and motivation here. So thank you too!