Monday, November 19, 2012

A few weekend finishes

Sometimes you sew all weekend and it feels like you made little progress. This was not one of those weekends.

Wine totes as a christmas gift for my labs gift exchange. We are doing a dirty santa thing or something.
Wine totes
Used this pattern from Needle and Spatula blog. I found it on Pinterest. I made one slight but significant alteration to the pattern that I think will make construction a lot easier. I did not cut out the holes in the outer or lining fabric before sewing the two pieces together. Instead I lined them up, drew my stitch line onto the backside of the outer fabric, stitched it and then cut out the center. That way you don't have to worry about lining up any holes or sewing things that are cut on the bias. Make sense?


I also finished two of my Christmas pillows. Only one more to do for those of you keeping track of that sort of thing.
Wonky Christmas
This one is QAYG log cabins. I decided to do binding to finish this one.

Spinning Christmas Star 
Spinning stars pillow complete. Hand quilted and trimmed with little pom-poms. Aww.

Spinning Christmas Star 
Close up of all my hard work.

Yep I also made another Zakka messenger bag. I love this pattern. This one is a commissioned piece for one of my very cool coworkers.
Another messenger 
I used canvas for the outside to give it some durability. Habitat prints in the lining and outer pockets, Hope valley for the inner pockets and bias tape.

Another Messenger 
Back of the bag and back of my pup. HA.

Another messenger
Mucho thanks to Kim for finding the hardware for this bag.

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  1. What a fantastic messenger bag!! :D Also...what's a dirty santa swap?

  2. A FMF wine tote for Dirty Santa! You must like your coworkers, first naan, and now FMF?! (That Brown Posie is my favoritest favorite of the collection.) Your Spinning Star pillow is still killing me. I would never have picked those fabrics, but it looks just too awesome. Very Anthropologie.

  3. the bag is stellar! love everything else, too, but that habitat print is one of my favorites ever! never had any of my own, though, lol. i want a bag just like it!!!

  4. i love the zigzag quilting on the FMF gift bag, but i REALLY love that you used Habitat for the bag. i loved that line, so it makes me happy to see people using it. most of my guild members hated it, so it gets whined about a lot!

  5. Wow! That is about a month's worth of work for me! Love the mini pompoms on that beautiful pillow and the zakka messenger bag is A.Mazing! Is that pattern from the Zakka Style book? It looks great.