Friday, November 2, 2012

Philisophical Pfridays - Palette Builder Inspiration

Sew Hungry
Fridays are for thinking about anything but work. So grab a button from my sidebar to play along.

Guess what! Anne over at Play Crafts blog (aedesigned on flickr) has a really fun palette builder. I used it a while ago to build a color palette for a photo I took in Apaneca El Salvador.

Apaneca, El Salvador

She used my photo as inspiration for her Fabric Friday post last week. Some really great fabrics were pulled based on the colors and mood of my picture so go check it out! I will be buying some (do I dare buy all??) for a EPP project.

Happy Friday Quilteroonies.


  1. How could you possibly resist buying all those fabrics?! I love that green meadow print, especially. Lovely photo, what a stunning blue color. Can't wait to see some EPP! It's on my 2013 list of new things to try.

  2. The meadow print was my favorite, too! :) I think doing this has made ME buy more fabric! lol

  3. Thanks for the link to the palette builder. Fun!