Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WIP Wednesdays - Scrap Fever

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

First order of business are some recent finishes if you missed them. I sense a scrappy yellow theme here:

Mellifera Quilt and pillow which I entered into the BQF at Amy's Creative Side.

The scrappy theme continues. I am consuming my scraps before them consume me. I still need to make more string-a-hex blocks. I don't feel like these are eating up my scraps as fast as I would like. Solution: Make more blocks! PS. don't you just love it when you lay out a quilt onto another quilt?
I just noticed my pup in the window. Silly boy. He is waiting for the repairman to arrive.

I am doing some tiny paper pieced letters for a mini quilt. These will finish up at about 2" high.
Some possible endings to this quote "Love... 
...it makes the world go round"
...the one your with do do do do do do do do"
....is a battlefield"
...it's what makes a Subaru and Subaru"

And a sneaky peaky at some wonky star action. Isn't he adorbs.

Lastly, I wish I could say I made this little chickie pincushion but I didn't. She is however a lovely gift from Hawaii. My friend knows of my love of chickens and brought her back to me. I love the lei. I have named her Luau and she sits on my sewing table (aka dining room table).

Check out the other WIPs at Lee's and have a fantabulous Wednesday!

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  1. The star is tiny but mighty!
    Nice work, woman. The scrap-eating string-a-hexies are looking mighty fine.