Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Fest {Happy Pills}

I finally decided on my entry for the blogger's quilt festival: Happy Pills.

Category: Favorite Throw quilt

Happy Pills 

Size: 47" x 55" 
Pattern: Happy Hour by Elizabeth Hartman
Fabrics:  Indigo oakshott cotton, turquoise ovals (Juggling Summer), paisley in lime (Chicopee), Indigo plumage (Cuzco), voltage dot in black (Chicopee), heatwave stripes in lime (Chicopee), Midnight sky birds (Simple Marks by Malka), dotted leaf in lime (Chicopee), Indigo citadel (Cuzco). The background fabric is Gray tweed texture (Mod Century)
Piecing: pieced with 50 wt Aurifil thread
Quilting: FMQ by me on my home machine using a 40 wt off white Aurifil thread.

Happy Pills - back 
The back of the quilt features floating pills. Someone also said they look like Gram negative bacteria. I like that idea too.

I used a ripple quilting style I like to call neurotransmitters because it reminds me of the junction between two neurons.
Happy Pills - quilting detail

Another special touch was that I continued the pattern on the back into the binding. This gives the illusion that the half-pills are extending forever.
Happy Pills - binding
I love this little quilt. It was a wedding gift for some friends. It was a hard one to give away but I know it has a happy home! Check out all the other entries at Amy's creative side.


  1. A beautiful palette and great quilting too!!

  2. Love it! The name made me laugh out loud. :-) The back is as great as the front...

  3. Lovely....Modern and beautiful! Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love how you extended the pattern into the binding... how did you DO that?
    Great attention to detail, and the neurotransmitter quilting is fab. Go you!

  5. OMG! Your quilt screamed at me from the thumb print. I love the colors, the crispness, the negative space. nice fmqing as well. congrats on a great finish.

  6. Great quilt with a great name :-) the colours are so fresh and fun

  7. Very pretty! Love the colors!!

  8. They remind me of futuristic pods! But I see the bacteria and pills too :) Love the continuation of the back piecing into the binding!

  9. What gorgeous colours. I'd have had trouble giving it away too!

  10. Yes, great callm colors! Very nice!