Thursday, May 9, 2013

Le Pouch Tutoriolito

This tutoriolito will teach you how to make two panels for one Noodlehead medium sized open wide pouch. It is not a full fledged tutorial because I cannot take credit for the bag construction. That's all Anna. Also, I didn't really ask her permission for this tutoriolito but I think she will forgive me :) 

The medium sized pouch is a versatile size, but, if you wanted to make a smaller or larger pouch do your own math, geeze!

This is a great use for small scraps. You will basically be constructing a 4 x 8 grid of 2" squares (1.5" finished).

1. Cut fabric

47 2" squares (21 for the front and 26 for the back). Mine are an assortment of low volume prints and creamy solids. I fussy cut a few. These are in addition to the background fabric that is needed for the star blocks.

Small wonky star - 
Four 2" white/cream background squares
Five 2" square (blue dots).
Cut 4 of the 2" squares diagonally. You should now have 8 right triangles.
Make your wonky points. Reference this wonky star tutorial from Sew Mama Sew if you have never made a wonky star. Each of your point blocks should be 2" square.

Large star-
Eight 2" HSTs (green and background fabric). Make your HSTs any way you like. Here is a good beginner HST tutorial from Connecting Threads. Or if you are feeling really adventurous try the 8-in-1 method.
Four 2" green squares
NOTE: half of the large star will be pieced into the front panel and half in the back.
Two 3.5" x 12.5" rectangle (dark blue solid, see step 3).

Map out your squares into two 8 x 4 grid like so
Front. Make sure the large star is on the right.

Back. Make sure the star is on the left. I chose to have a gradient effect with the blues but you could do anything you like. You could even do another wonky star.

2. Assemble the panels

All seams are 1/4". Sew the squares together in pairs and press either to the side or open (whatever floats your boat) after each step. 

Sew them into 4 patches. Then sew the 4 patches together etc etc.


Do the same for the back panel and you will have something that looks like this when they are laid down side-by-side:
Oooh, this would be great for a quilt if you supersized it.

3. Attach the base. Sew the 12.5 x 3.5" rectangle to the bottom of the panel.  I designed it so that when the gussets are done most of the base fabric will be on the bottom of the pouch but 1/4" of the base will come up the sides.

4. Baste your panel onto batting and quilt as desired. I chose to topstitch the base onto the main panel and then hand quilt around the stars and add inspiring messages.

I image this little monster saying "I suggest you bash that stash up and whatnot, cherrio"

4. Trim the quilted panels to 9 x 12.5" and follow the Noodlehead instructions to assemble your pouch. 

Tada! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. If you make a patchwork panel I would love to hear about it!