Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Charming WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Not too much to report as I was away over the weekend in New Orleans. Stayed at my brother-in-law's, went to the zoo, went to a reunion (Hubs undergrad lab), met our friends adorable new baby, had an 90s sing-a-long on the car ride home with the hubs sans actual music. He is good at beat boxing TLC and The Spice Girls.

I brought my sister's quilt to bind while in NO. Hubs wouldn't let me bind in the car. He was convinced I would blind him with the quilt as I maneuvered around the sides or that I would poke myself with the needle. That just meant binding on the couch with this not-so-helpful helper cat.

Helper Cat (Tm) comes in marmalade.

I also went to Mes Amis quilt shop and picked up a few things. I got the center fabric (Too muchery by Helen Dardik for P&B textiles) for an absolute steal. It was 45% off and I took the end of the bolt so that was an extra 10%. I can't wait to back something with it.

I worked on Aeroplane II. I bought 1 yard of automotive headliner fabric and 1 yard of heavy sew-in interfacing for my first Aeroplane and I figured that I could stretch it for both easy! I had to do a little zig-zag stitch surgery on the sew-in interfacing.

Again I lined my straps with some leftover headliner material (my substitute for soft and stable).

Lining and pockets ready to assemble once I get my zippers in from Zipit. I am officially a zipit convert. The selection and prices are amazing. That is my honest opinion I bought my zippers fair and square.
Modern by Robin Zigone and a Birds and the bees Tula Pink for the pockets. One of my commenter's recently said Tula Pink goes with everything and she was so right.

And now for the pic that inspired the title of this post. I cut 2 yard of novelty charm squares for my SMS give-a-way. All the folding of the fabrics at the end was no fun.

Meet up with other WIPpers at Freshly Pieced and have a good Wednesday!


  1. Those all look like very fun projects except refolding the fabric. That's just a necessary evil.

  2. I love that you bought Les Amis from Mes Amis. Did you do that simply because you had to?

  3. Oh, I LOVE that toomuchery. I used a bit in an epp pillow.

  4. I want your aeroplane bag. I am pretty much salivating. Also, where did you get your automotive headliner?