Sunday, May 19, 2013

Aeroplane Bag #2

After making my first Aeroplane bag I had to try making the regular sized one. My friend Sarah is defending her thesis soon(ish) and moving away (sadness). I saw her ogling my Aeroplane bag and asked if she wanted one. She asked for gray and yellow and I delivered.

Aeroplane bag #2 Aeroplane pattern by Sara at Sew Sweetness.

Inside Aeroplate #2
The lining is Modern by Robin Zigone and Tula Pink lazy stripe in sunset. 

Aeroplane bag #2
The only thing I don't love is that the straps seem a bit too long. On my first bag I felt that the straps were a tad too short. This time I used a home dec print and didn't trim it down. I think I overcompensated because she may almost be able to wear it as a cross-body bag!

I still don't think I am sewing up the bag quite right. The areas where the zipper ends meet the body of the bag look weird. Anyone else having that issue?

I know I have at least one more Aeroplane in me. I want to make one that isn't QAYG. I'm a ginger monkey (Katy) made one with an outside pocket and I will have to try that too.


  1. This one is cute too, Marla! I bought the pattern yesterday. Did you use all of the interfacings/foam batting called for in the pattern? I'm always tempted to scoff and improvise...

  2. I can't wait til school is out to play with this one!

  3. It looks great. I love this bag and want to have a go at it too. I can't get the recommended Pellon or Soft and Stable here in NZ...did you use these or did you sub?

  4. Well, yay! This looks very fantastic! I really need to give this bag a try. It's just that I'm scared.