Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Hubs really thinks of my hobby.

After making fun of some song my hubs was listening too (One More Time by Daft Punk for those of you interested) he got in the shower and told me what he really though about my quilting. Read the next segment in a crackly old lady voice (or if you watch Metalocalpse in the voice of Doctor Rockso).
I quilt like an old lady. I'm an old lady quilter. I'm gonna patch the world together. I'm gonna save the world with my quilting. 1000 thread count of love. If you have a problem you just bring it to me and I will just flock of geese that shit up. I'm gonna stitch in the ditch that bitch up.
Can't have a post without a picture. Here are some half rectangle triangles of love!


  1. HA! We must have been having the same kind of day yesterday. My husband said some awesome things about my first sweater. Just makes it mean more when the husbands like the quilts. :)

  2. HAHAHAHAhahahahaahahahha
    I am SO gonna flock of geese that shit up!
    Honestly, I'm impressed he knows the terminology! This is like when my b/f told me that he liked the indigo in one of my quilts. My face lit up and I said "OMG you know the difference between indigo and navy now!!" He ran away.

  3. I agree. I am rather impressed with his vocabulary knowledge and sentence structure.

  4. You could SO have had this post without a picture.
    Your husband totally rocks. Best lines EVER.
    Anytime I need to laugh out loud I just re-read it!
    The guy's a genius, and TOTALLY gets it. (Still giggling...)
    PS You know you're going to have to do a wordy quote quilt with this, right?