Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stash Bashed

The Stash Bash

We came, we sewed, we bashed.  Being at The Stash Bash brought back all of my fond camp memories. It was wonderful putting faces/personalities to all the blogs I read. Here is a rundown of the weekend. I will post about the pouch I made for the swap and the projects I worked on during the weekend in another post.

Oh and PS. I joined instagram from the peer pressure. You can find me @sewhungry. 

The bashing took place at the beautiful Calvin center outside of Atlanta GA. This is the view from the right outside the conference room

Kim, Katie and I got there early Friday morning and set up in the back corner with Elizabeth,  Ms. Don't Call me Betsy herself. 
The table to the right is ours. This is the state of the room late Friday night. Kim and I stayed up until 1pm on Friday and until 3:30 on Saturday. We worked right next to the crew of spunky older ladies. They are serious retreat veterans. They even brought their own chairs - which was really smart. We stayed up until 3am talking to them and sewing on Saturday night. One day Kim and I will grow up to be just like them - can't wait.

Sweet pouch swap organized by Ella. So glad to finally meet her btw. I got the polka dotty one in the lower right-hand corner. I'll post later about the one I made.

On Saturday we took a trip down to A Scarlet Thread fabric shop. It was huge and full of the latest fabrics. I bought a little scrap of ants fabric from Michael Miller's Backyard Baby line and some 40wt Aurifil thread. If you are ever in the area, check out this shop. You won't be disappointed.

On Saturday night, Amanda from the craft junkie had a screen printing demo and we got to print on some tote bags. I went with Dr. Who. She really spoke to my inner outer geek.

Here's what I brought home:
Serious swagitude!

Stash bash logic - I came back with more fabric than when I left. This is all the fabric from the swaps and giveaways. There were so many giveaways - everyone won at least one thing.

Thank you so much Chris (aka Frecklemama) for putting together such a special weekend. And thank you to everyone else who was there. I am going through serious withdraw now. Guess I will employ sewing therapy. I can't wait to bash again in 2014.


  1. So glad I finally got to meet you in person! You had WAY more nighttime energy than I did. Must caffeine up more next time.

  2. We will totally be those old ladies. I can;t wait either. But no secret here - I think we already are them - just not old yet. Ok.... back to writing.