Thursday, April 18, 2013

Le Pouch for The Stash Bash

The Stash Bash or should I say...

I participated in the pouch swap for the Stash Bash. It started with a little drawing

Which turned into some pretty patchwork
Laying out patchwork

That morphed into a gradated panel
Gradient effect + stars = yay
 I hand picked some of my favorite prints and low volume fabrics. Lots of the grays are from the gray fabric swap I participated in a few months ago. I fussy cut a few pieces including the needle/texty fabric (you can see it better 2 pictures down).

I lined it with this fabulous coordinating print. Here I go again lining up prints like a boss. This was purely coincidental. I couldn't have lined them up better if I tried.

I'm embroidered the front of the bag with the name of the retreat trying my best to match the colors in the logo. I also hand quilted around the stars. Green thread for the blue star and gray thread for the green star.
Embroidery detail

The panels were used to make a medium sized Noodlehead open wide pouch. I cut the bottom solid color so that when I made the gussets it would just show. Here is the front:
Le Pouch

And the back. You lose the gradient effect once it is a pouch but that is OK with me. I love how my big star wraps around the pouch.
Back of Le Pouch
Open Wide!
Inside Le Pouch

And then I filled it with all sorts of goodies. Sparkly pencils, small notebooks, fabric scraps and CHOCOLATE.

Suzy of Szyhomemaker won my pouch. I have to say she was pretty thrilled :) Let me know if you want more details on the dimensions I used for the panels. I am happy to share.


  1. Like a boss, Marla! You were all quiet-like on your perfectly matched prints.

  2. I am so in love with this pouch!! Love love love. I'd love details on the dimensions. Not that I know when I'll have a chance to make one, but ... love!

  3. I totally love this pouch, and I fully want one of my own, even if I have to make it myself, so yes please on the dimensions :)

  4. This is really a work of art - thanks for sharing the details!

  5. This is super cute!! I love it! The wrap around star is totally my favorite part. :)

  6. Congratulations on that beautiful finish! What a great gift!