Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cake day

Happy Birthday to Kim a la CrafternoonDelight. In honor of her birth and continued will to survive I made this giant cake...

Apparently on Instagram they use bananas for scale. I don't instagram but I'll play along. Ideally you should use an item with constant size for scale, like a quarter. Or at least use something vulgar like this:

Do you want to see what is inside this monster?

4 layers of deliciocity. I used the black-and-white mocha cake recipe from the January issue of Food Network Magazine. Then I doubled the recipe for the chocolate buttercream filling and used it to fill and ice the cake. There was an additional chocolate ganache to be drizzled on top but I think that would be excessive at this point.

The yellow cake recipe is amazing. Maybe the best I have made. It is dense and flavorful. The chocolate cake is a good chocolate cake but nothing special. 

This is how I felt after eating my "small" piece. It was worth it.


  1. This looks so amazing! I am so jealous of your mad skills. :)

  2. Holy crap! That's a serious cake, Marla!

  3. lol my reaction was the same as Katie B's, "Holy crap!!" Seriously that cake is a monster! :O It looks AMAZINGGGG