Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday - quilts squared

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This week it's hip to be a square. Testing out sewcraftyjess's lucky square pattern. When I first saw her Lucky Square quilt top my first two thoughts were "that's amazing" and "how did she do that?" Well now I know and if you want to know too her pattern is now available in her pattern shop or on Craftsy

Lucky Square Twin. You can take a look at the list of fabrics I used here. I'm about 1/4 done with the quilting. I need to finish the design going across and then do the same up and down. I enjoyed the process so much that after making a twin sized top I started on a baby. Nope wasn't sick of all those squares yet.

 Lucky Square Baby. I reversed the design on this one. Fussy cut centers and sashing from Fly a Kite. The solids are various colors I had in my stash. I think most came from connecting threads.

I'm quilting in the solids only with a neutral Aurifil.

This is my favorite block. PUPS!!

Peak of the back. Dear Stella Paris map print and some pink. I love the way the quilting is coming out on the back.I'm taking suggestions on the names of both of these quilts. Go Kite Yourself? probably not appropriate. 

The rain down here is really starting to get to me (and my poor dogs). This is why all my pictures have looked like poo for the last week. Oh and for those of you who can't get enough of Downton Abbey, Upstairs, Downstairs is now available on Netflix. All 78 episodes. You're welcome.


  1. Adorable quilts and your quilting looks great! Thanks for the heads up on Upstairs Downstairs... I've always wanted to watch it - could be my winter hand stitching time.

  2. My pictures are stinky today because of rain induced poor lighting as well! Though, yours looks better than mine, so you must have larger windows or better editing skills! I love your little fussy cuts on the baby quilt. So cute!

  3. Inset PUPS is my favorite part. And LMFAO at Go Kite Yourself. "outdoor shenanigans" "girls like swings, boys like kites" "swinging on a square" "play time squared"

  4. You have been SO productive! I've seen each of your posts (I "save" them for last in my Google Reader because they are a guaranteed pop of pretty color) and I am shocked! That new Singer must be fast. :) I love Jess's pattern. I saw a version worked up in Chicopee (hers?) on Pinterest so I may finally have something good enough to do with my Chicopee stash.

  5. The rain, ugh! Dreadful! I'm desperate for some sunshine. Excellent quilts! I'm in favor of Go kite yourself.

  6. I love the lucky square. I bought the pattern yesterday so I can make one.