Sunday, January 13, 2013

Finish-A-Long Sing-A-Long Q1

The deadline for the FAL is tonight did you know that?

she can quilt

Here is my list for the first quarter:

1. Test pattern for Sew Crafty Jess - almost finished just needs quilting. Here's a sneak peak at the fabrics. I used the same fabrics (mostly) from my EPP pillow

And I am quilting with these bad boys

2. The test pattern is so great I started another quilt (baby this time) for some friends. Here are the fabrics. I love how fast baby quilts come together - the top is almost done in half a days time.

Fly a kite prints and various solids from my stash

3. Finish purple and gold bee quilt. On sashing at the mo.

4. Quilt for Allie. Everything cut.

5. Finish placemats for Mom. Just the dreaded binding to add.

6. Finish EPP pillow (maybe)

Look, if I don't add 6 more projects in this quarter, I'll be surprised. Ok back to sewing for a bit before Downton!

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  1. Good luck with finishing all your projects! Some of them look very close to being done already. I'm looking forward to seeing your eggplant and mustard finish!