Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stash Bash Pouches 2014 Edition

You may recall the pouches I sewed up for the 2013 Stash Bash. I made one for a bag swap and two others afterwards. This year I sewed up a medium sized pouch for my secret swap partner Jenn Thurston who runs the Quilted Thimble Cottage fabric shop. I used some fabric leftover from a quilt I made at the 2013 Stash Bash and pieced a little wonky star. The bottom is a gray grunge. 

The stripes wrap around the back and I machine embroidered on both sides so she would forever be reminded of a great weekend. 

I filled the pouch with goodies including chocolate, twizlers, pens, post it notes, twine and washi tape.

It barely fit in the pouch but that is just how it should be.

We got a mini charm pack of Kona solids at the Stash Bash. When I got home I couldn't wait to play with these perfect little squares. I decided to make another open-wide pouch (free Noodlehead tutorial) and send it to Chris (The Stash Bash Goddess Coordinator and puppy rearing queen) as a thank you for once again putting on a stellar retreat. The layout is a simple 4 x 7 grid on the front with a little hand-stitched embroidery. 

The back is made up of a few coordinating prints:
I failed photography 101 as you can see my shadow in most of the pictures. I also don't care one iota.

I just HAD to line the pouch in teapots: