Friday, October 17, 2014

Two Girly Baby Quilts

In less than two months I will have my hands (instead of my belly) full of triplet boys. I made them each a quilt which will be blogged about soon. After making all of the boy quilts I was really itching to make something super girly, so when I found out that a new friend had identical twin girls a few months earlier I just had to make some quilts for them.

I wanted the quilts to complement each other but not be too matchy-matchy. I went with a triangle theme. The first one is made up of  equilateral triangles. 

I used up the last of my Simpatico fabric for this quilt and threw in a few other complementary prints. With light pinks, orange, yellow, and a hint of mint, the palette is very soft which really goes against my normal aesthetic. It was so hard not to throw some hot pink or electric blue in there.

I echo quilted the triangles which creates a beautiful grid and bonus stars at the junctions where 6 fabrics meet.

For the back I chose a world map print I picked up in Korea. It matches the colors on the front perfectly. I also appliqued an "M" for the baby so she can remember that THIS quilt is HERS and that her sister cannot have it.The binding is a blue polka-dot. 

For the second quilt I used triangles and big hexagons to make a star pattern. I stuck with a similar color scheme: pink, yellow, and light blue, but couldn't help going a little bolder on the prints this time. Plus teapots!

One of the hexagons is framed in a blue stripe print so that you can really see the secondary star design. The rest of the blue is a little snowflake print. Because the hexagons were so big, I got a chance to use some of my larger scale prints. Love those big yellow flowers.

Because I was dealing with a simpler patchwork I went bananas on quilting it. I chose to do some FMQ paisley feathers for the first time. I was emboldened by Angela Walters video tutorial  and baby quilts are the perfect place to practice designs. It created such a lovely texture and looks a lot harder than it was to execute. Just look at that texture. Mmmmm. 

 For the back I chose some flea market fancy, once again appliqueing a "T" so that you can tell the quilts apart (I am hilarious). The binding is made of the same cross-stitch letter fabric that I used for the monogram applique.

Now you can see that the back of the quilts are opposite of one another: blue with a cream binding, and cream with a blue binding.

The fronts of the quilts also go nicely together. I can't wait to see pictures of the little girls playing on their quilts.

I'm linking up with Crazy mom Quilts Friday finishes, for like, the first time in foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr. Happy Friday!!


  1. Beautiful quilts, and I'm still in shock that you're having triplets. Probably not as much shock as you are, though...