Monday, July 7, 2014

Korea Trip Part 4: Fabrics I purchased at Happy Quilt

This is part 4 of 4 chronicling my experiences in South Korea. I came back  from a 10 day trip to South Korea and thought I would share some of my experiences with you that tie in with sewing and quilting. Of course, through a quilter's eyes, everything can spur inspiration or remind you of something sewing related. This will be at least a 4 part series.

Part 1: Quiltspirations - quilting ideas inspired by things I saw during my visit
Part 2: A finished quilt I made for a Korean colleague and now a new friend
Part 4: Fabrics I purchased at Happy Quilt

As I said in part 3, I bought about 40 yards of fabric from Happy Quilt. They had an amazing selection of quilting cottons and notions. Here is everything I got:

First up Korean textiles. First off, the quality of these fabrics are superb, soft and drape well just as you have come to expect from quilt-shop quality fabrics in the US and elsewhere. The Koreans are rivaling Japan in the cuteness factor. They had a great selection of novelty prints.
The spread.

Horses and sweet elephants.

Amazing sheep- plaid, rainbow, stars, clouds etc. and Russian dolls.

Jars and Robots. If you look closely at the prints that make up the robots you will see a lot of "girly" prints which I think is a fun way to mash up a traditional boy icon with traditional girl prints and colors.

A few florals.

And a perfect dot. The back one is white on yellow so it is hard to see but lovely and subtle in person. I really had to restrain myself from getting these in every color. I couldn't have packed my suitcase otherwise.

 All the Korean fabrics had selvedges in Hangul (the Korean alphabet). Now I am normally not a selvedge saver but you better believe I cut off all the selvedges to use in the future.

Then other fabrics which you can get in the US but not at these LOW LOW prices. It looked like they carried more of the last year's lines which was fun. I picked up a few random fat quarters:

Some great basics:
Just an example of how good the pricing was, that fat quarter bundle of 9 FQs was only $10 (US).

And a few more novelty prints: maps, lightning bugs, hedgehogs, geeky glasses, cross-stitch letters.

I mostly stuck to novelty prints because I thought that would help remind me more of my trip. I have already started using these fabrics and integrated them into my stash so look for them in upcoming projects!

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  1. Hi, I am visiting Seoul in November and would definitely like to go to Happy Quilt. It would be more fun if I wasn't by myself, though. Do you know of a way to contact a quilt guild in Seoul to see if anyone wants to come along? Candy Lee