Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baby Wipes Tutoriolito - A great way to use up random flannel scraps

I like to back quilts in flannel occasionally. It is so soft and makes the quilt extra snugly. But what does one do with all the odd shaped remnants left over? No brainer if it was backed with quilting cotton I would just throw the scraps into my scrap box and use for piecing later. But I don't like to mix my flannel or other fabric scraps up with my quilting cottons because I rarely (if ever) piece with a mixture of fabric types. And throwing them out is not an option because the flannel is still good! So I ended up with a pile of weird long rectanglish flannel scraps that I never used.

My friend Cassie keyed me in on a great way to use up the flannel scraps - make reusable flannel baby wipes. These are a great option for when baby goes #1 because they are super absorbent so you only need one and they won't be sopping wet, so less diaper rash. Plus you can just throw them in the wash and reuse over and over.  If you already cloth diaper or are considering it, these are a perfect accompaniment.

There are tutorials already out there such as this one by Sew Much 2 Luv. But I thought I would just give you the TLDNR version.

1)  Take two scraps of flannel and cut them into an 8" square or 9" or 10" or make it slightly rectangular. It doesn't much matter as long as the two pieces are the same size. Really I let the size of my scraps dictate the size of the wipe so that I was as economical as possible with the fabric. 
2)  Sew them together right sides facing with a 1/4" seam leaving a 2-3" gap in the center of one of the sides. 
3)  Snip off the excess fabric at each corner to remove some of the bulk
4) Turn them right side out and press taking care to press the opening down nicely
5) Topstitch around the square 1/8" from the edge making sure to stitch the opening closed. 

 The top row were made with 8" squares and the bottom were made from 10", 10" and 9" squares.

So go ahead and dig through your flannel leftovers and make a few for yourself or for a friend who is expecting. They take 5 minutes each (or less) and you can wrap them up with a pretty bow and be the star of the baby shower (not that these things are competitions, yeah right).

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  1. I miss baby showers where every gift is handmade....