Saturday, July 12, 2014

At the Beach

Just popping in to say that I am at the beach! Wish I was British so I could say I'm on hols. I'll be back in 10 days tanner and well rested...or more likely sun-burnt and cranky. I was so excited for my trip that I stitched up a new beach bag to take with me.

The bag is enormous. It will easily hold everything I need to relax by the water. I used a free online tutorial from Muse of the MorningOverall a serviceable pattern and it came together fast. I cut all the pieces and interfaced them in an hour or two (taking my time to make sure the directional fabric was going the right way) and then I sewed it up the morning after. I used a medium weight interfacing with home dec fabric from Ikea on the outside and terry cloth on the inside. I used a bit of canvas on the straps for added interest. It does not stand up on its own but looks nice when filled. Consider using heavier interfacing if you want it to have more standing power. A strap length of 22" perfectly fits over my shoulder.

I changed the pattern a little bit. I inserted a pocket into the body of the bag with a terry cloth scrap I had. This should prevent small things like my room keys from getting lost. One thing I wish this had were snaps to keep the bag closed on the sides or a zipper across the top. The bag opening is rather large. I may add some velcro.

It's been a while since I sent you some puppy pics. With tile or hardwood floor all over the new house there is no shortage of a cool spot to veg out. Each pup has found their own favorite lounging spots during the day:

Leuko likes to lie in the major intersection of the house where doors to the kitchen, basement, dining room, office, guest bed and main bath all come together (weird old St. Louis architecture). This way he can keep an eye on anything going on in the main level of the house.

Cypress prefers a quieter existence and can usually be found upstairs in our bedroom on one of the dog beds. She's so prim.


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