Monday, March 24, 2014

Korea Trip Part 1: Quiltspiration

Hello! Remember me? I did not intend to let the blog lapse for a month (and more) but I have been busy. I came back earlier this month from a 10 day trip to South Korea and thought I would share some of my experiences with you that tie in with sewing and quilting. Of course, through a quilter's eyes, everything can spur inspiration or remind you of something sewing related. This will be at least a 4 part series.

Part 1: Quiltspirations - quilting ideas inspired by things I saw during my visit
Part 4: Fabrics I purchased at Happy Quilt

Korean traditional patchwork (Bojagi): Insadong, textile shops pojagi

Korea traditional patchwork is pieced using a french-seam like technique so that the front and the bag is neat and functional. The patchwork is usually abstract, wonky and with a lot of negative space. Very pretty! You can purchase these textiles in Insadong or other crafty/touristy areas in Seoul. They are traditionally used to cover food and other household duties.

Quilt show in Insadong: There was a quilt show going on in the basement of one of the buildings in Insadong. I wouldn't have even noticed it if it wasn't for this sign:

It was only a few quilts but they were spectacular! I apologize I do not have the credits for the artist who made these quilts on hand. I will try to find out her information. These were all made by one woman in Korea.
The background was completely pieced from diamonds and then the curved shapes were appliqued on top. So much work went into this. I cannot fathom it.

Spring and summer views out a window. There were two other "windows" next to these which showed the same view during the fall and winter.

Beautiful use of value in these blocks

A patchwork quilt of the famous Klimt Kiss painting!!!

Cathedral windows with again an amazing use of value.

Architectural inspiration:

The buildings in Seoul, both old and new offered inspiration for future projects.

The dynasty palaces were painted in beautiful colors: red, yellow, green, blue, black.

Even the subway doors offered inspiration. I think these designs would make very interesting quilt blocks.

My trip to Seoul gave me a lot of quiltspiration. I hope these pictures give you some too! Stay tuned for the rest of my Korea Trip posts. Not that I am an expert, but, if you plan on going to South Korea I would love to chat beforehand I can give you more details about where to go!


  1. Holy spimoni. Serious inspiration. I love on the first quilt how the background squares are as much a feature of the quilt as the colored squares.

  2. This is great; thanks for posting. Love the 'open windows' quilts!